Staffordshire business can help rebuild Ukraine by signing the Compact.
Staffordshire businesses can help support the Ukraine rebuilding process by signing the Compact.

Business leaders in Staffordshire urged to pledge support for reconstruction of Ukraine 

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Employers in Staffordshire are being invited to sign up to a declaration of business support for Ukraine’s recovery. 

Signatories to the Ukraine Business Compact signal their willingness to contribute to the reconstruction of the country when the opportunity occurs. 

The Compact will be officially launched at the Ukraine Recovery Conference, to be hosted on 21-22 June by the Ukraine and UK Governments in London. 

The conference seeks to contribute to immediate recovery and longer-term reconstruction efforts in support of building Ukraine’s economic prosperity. 

It aims to generate the support of the private sector which will be encouraged to engage in trade and investment, peer-to-peer expertise sharing, pro bono work and business activities when the time is right. 

A call to UK businesses to sign up to the Ukraine Business Compact has been issued by the Department for Business and Trade

The Compact is described as a declarative and non-binding statement of international business support for Ukraine’s recovery. 

Sara Williams headshot Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive.
Sara Williams.

Sara Williams, Chief Executive of Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce, said: “All of our hearts have been touched by the war in Ukraine and the bravery of its people.  

“This is the opportunity to start to show our commitment to the recovery of that amazing country and I would urge businesses to sign up to help build Ukraine back and strengthen the ties between us.  

“We have a history here of supporting places after tragedy – think of what we did after Lidice – and we have welcomed Ukrainian refugees to our homes. Let’s take the next step.” 

The Business Compact can be signed on the Ukraine Recovery Conference portal by clicking here and entering the password URC_2023_apklsnbdudor

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