Katie King Let's Do Business Staffordshire.
Katie King used her keynote speech at Let's Do Business to encourage people to embrace AI. Photo by Chris Peach i-creation.

Make AI your ally and reap the commercial rewards, sell-out Let’s Do Business audience told

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A successful author and government consultant on AI has urged businesses not to be afraid of artificial intelligence and to embrace the technology or risk falling behind competitors.

Katie King, who has been voted a Top 10 AI influencer, made the plea during her keynote speech at Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce’s Let’s Do Business event yesterday (Thursday).

Katie, who has delivered two TEDx talks and is a regular speaker worldwide, told the audience at Uttoxeter Racecourse that the benefits of utilising AI worked on numerous levels, from smarter targeted marketing and quality control to security and predicting financial market fluctuations.

She said some of the biggest companies in the world were now using it in their everyday work – companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Delta Airlines, Amazon and Barclays.

Katie told the Let’s Do Business crowd why no one can ignore the opportunities AI creates.

She said: “I am here to speak about ethically applying AI tools to all different aspects of your business whether that be marketing, sales, HR or the customer experience.

“Suffice to say you do need to do something about it. Some people may be sitting here today who are still sceptical about it, but no one can afford to totally ignore the opportunities that are out there from AI. You need to evolve and use the tools.

“AI has actually been around for 70 years, but it is viable now – partly because we have big data from smart phones and the internet etc and also because we have cheap computer power.

“As a result, AI is transforming everything from farming to marketing, law, manufacturing, and education.

“That’s not to say that AI is going to take away all your jobs – it is not. It is an ally, a tool.”

Katie said that 87 per cent of global organisations now believe AI technology will give them a competitive edge – and if they don’t use it they will get left behind.

She added: “It doesn’t mean it comes and takes your jobs but the companies and individuals who don’t upskill and don’t try and learn new tools do get left behind – because someone who has will come along and erode your market share.”

Katie added: “I like to talk less about Artificial Intelligence and more about Augmented Intelligence. What I mean by that is capitalising on big data because it creates insights for retailers, banks and others. It’s about getting to know your customers much, much better.”

The venue was packed with exhibitors and delegates.

More than 1,000 businesses descended on Uttoxeter Racecourse for Let’s Do Business – Staffordshire’s largest business show – in what was believed to be a record number of visitors.

It is seen as an annual highlight for Staffordshire’s business community, drawing professionals, entrepreneurs and decision-makers from across the region to connect, network, and explore opportunities for growth.

As well as Katie King, delegates heard from a line-up of other AI experts who all delivered informative presentations, including Sandra WoolleyProfessor Samir Dani and Theocharis Kyriacou

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