KMT exhaust on Staffordshire University Racing car
A KMT bespoke welding jig was used to assemble this custom exhaust, used on a Staffordshire University racing team car that finished second in the Formula Student 2023 event.

£500,000 machinery boost extends KMT Engineering’s reach supplying wide ranging sectors with precision components 

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The installation of £500,000 worth of state-of-the- art machinery has boosted business across multiple markets at bespoke engineering firm KMT. 

The Cheadle-based business is supporting projects from car exhausts to football stands with components made using its high-capacity press brake and laser cutter. 

One satisfied customer is the student-led Staffordshire University racing team who asked KMT to produce parts for a bespoke welding jig so it could assemble a custom racing exhaust. 

The team went on to achieve second place in the Formula Student 2023 event at Silverstone, racing the small-scale formula style car which featured the exhaust. 

KMT’s precision laser cutting machine at work.

The laser cutting machinery also supplied components for structural steelwork in a stand at Hanley Town Football Club

More than 20 per cent of KMT’s externally invoiced sales so far this year have come from laser and press brake work, representing a significant boost in growth opportunities for the business. 

KMT’s sister company Klarius uses the new laser for the majority of its exhaust component needs. 

“As a bespoke engineering business, we provide as many services under one roof as possible,” said Adrian Degg, Group Engineering Director. 

“Our machinery allows us to deliver quality fabrications fast. High levels of automation across our operations means total repeatability, while our track record supporting Original Equipment Managers in demanding industries speaks for itself.” 

High levels of automation are used to produce parts and components at a fast rate.

KMT has a strong reputation for manufacturing, maintaining and renewing specialised machines used for the manufacture of automotive components, with a specialist focus on emission control. 

The company is a specialist in producing custom flanges, brackets, steelwork in any quantity to support construction, industrial, rail and automotive projects. 

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