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North Staffs Mind is running online mental health training sessions for small businesses, starting next week.

North Staffs Mind offers mental health training to small businesses

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Small businesses have been offered the chance to take up mental health training for their staff. 

North Staffs Mind has been proving a comprehensive range of training courses aimed at addressing these needs within large and medium-sized businesses for almost eight years. 

But the organisation, based in Stoke-on-Trent, has now created an offering for small businesses and sole traders who are unable to justify the cost of group training. 

A programme of open access courses that can be attended by multiple businesses has been created, with two popular virtual training sessions taking place later this month. 

A recent report from Deloitte estimates that poor mental health in the workplace costs UK businesses between £53 billion and £56 billion between 2020-21. 

It also states that the average return of investment is £5.30 for every £1 invested in mental health intervention. 

Research from the Centre for Mental Health states that it costs a business £1,300 per year for every employee whose mental health is not supported. 

Steve Channon, Income and Engagement Lead at North Staffs Mind, said: “We have realised that small businesses are missing out on mental health training for their staff due to not having enough people to justify the cost of a group session. 

“Our virtual sessions can be charged for on an individual basis making it far more affordable for small businesses.” 

The first two sessions are: 

Mental Health Awareness - Thursday, 22 November – 9.30am until 1pm 

Wellbeing and Resilience in the Workplace - Thursday, 29 November – 9.30am until 1pm 

The cost is £45 per delegate. 

To book, or to find out more information, click here

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