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Solmar Villas, based in Burton upon Trent, has added 800 properties to its portfolio in the last six months, including 300 from James Villas.

Solmar Villas expands by taking on half of James Villas’ stock 

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A Staffordshire-based holiday company has taken on around 300 properties from James Villas, offering a lifeline to those hit by its shock closure. 

Burton upon Trent’s Solmar Villas has added half of James Villas’ 600 cancelled properties across Europe to its portfolio, with more still coming in. 

It comes after James Villas’ parent company, Awaze, announced last week that it would be shutting down its villa brand, putting 40 jobs at risk and cancelling bookings from 30 November. 

Solmar is now trying to offer customers who have lost their booking with James Villas the chance to rebook their holiday for the same dates. 

It has also said it will do everything it can to support James Villas’ Kent-based staff who are facing an uncertain future. 

Sharon Bradbury, Marketing Director of Solmar Villas, said: “The announcement that James Villas is closing is extremely sad. 

“The company has been part of the UK holiday industry for almost 40 years and this news will have left many holidaymakers’ plans in tatters, especially if flights and car hire have already been arranged.  

“We’re delighted to be able to help some of those holidaymakers with their 2024 plans, with Solmar Villas so far securing 300 of James Villas’ former properties, with more being added daily. 

“We’re able to give those customers hit by cancellations the opportunity to re-book through us on the same dates, keeping their travel plans intact.” 

Solmar Villas expects to have a portfolio of over 2,000 properties for holidays in 2024. Most of its villas are located in Europe, but the firm recently entered the long-haul market by adding Florida to its portfolio, as reported by Daily Focus

The company, which currently employs 90 people but is said to be investing in teams right across the business, specialises in private villas with pools and has expanded its portfolio by around 800 properties in the last six months. 

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