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Businesses are being asked to get behind a National Literacy Trust campaign to improve literacy skills among young children.

Businesses urged to back nationwide campaign to help children gain literacy skills 

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A call is going out to businesses to help improve literacy skills among young children. 

The appeal is being made by business leaders affiliated to the National Literacy Trust

The members of the Trust’s Literacy Business Council say firms have a unique role to play. 

They want organisations to commit to put early language and communication at the heart of a national conversation. 

And they are urging them to support their staff and customers with the tools to drive change. 

Their clarion call comes in support of the National Literacy Trust’s Early Words Matter campaign delivering practical training. 

It calls on the government and business community to collaborate on better early years support for families from disadvantaged communities and is endorsed by members of the NLT’s national Business Council featuring senior leaders from KPMG, Greggs and W H Smith among others.

An Open Letter to firms by the Literacy Business Council reads: “Low literacy has lifelong consequences, and nine children in every classroom are already falling behind. Many will never catch up if we don’t act now. 

“Children experiencing poverty are most likely to be affected. Where you are born and how wealthy your family is often determines where you end up. Together, we can break that link. 

“The disadvantage gap in early literacy skills is costing England over £800 million every year. 

“There is no ‘silver bullet’ solution. The language and literacy challenge will only be solved if stakeholders from across the business community and all political and professional backgrounds commit to working together to drive evidence-based change.” 

Businesses are asked to email [email protected] to find out how they can be part of making a difference. 

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