Stoke-on-Trent-based Therser UK.

Therser UK enjoys sales orders increase as customers switch to hydrogen kilns 

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A Stoke-on-Trent manufacturer has seen revenue in one of its sectors increase by 25 per cent thanks to a surge in orders for its hydrogen kilns. 

Specialist kiln and furnace company Therser UK has a range of four hydrogen kilns which are becoming increasingly popular with customers looking to up their green credentials. 

Recent months have seen an increasingly busy order book, with more good numbers expected to come in the next quarter. 

The kilns, which have been in development over the past 18 months, have helped to put Therser UK on track for a projected revenue of £10 million in the 2023/24 financial year. 

One of the range of hydrogen kilns which has boosted sales revenue.

Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator Gary Woollam said: “Hydrogen is the most abundant gas there is and its green credentials are a lot better than with natural gas. 

“Because of this, our customers are showing a lot more interest in this type of kiln to contribute towards them reaching net zero targets.” 

He added: “The diversification into hydrogen kilns within our organisation has precipitated a notable increase in revenue, circa 25 per cent for 2023/24. 

“This advancement required a significant investment in time and resources to acquaint our team with the sophisticated apparatus associated with the hydrogen gas burners infrastructure and safety requirements. 

“The endeavour has not only yielded financial benefits but also underscored our commitment to environmental sustainability by markedly reducing our ecological footprint.  

“This strategic decision by our directors positions our enterprise at the peak of industry innovation, demonstrating a proactive approach to integrating sustainable practices into our operational model. 

“Furthermore, it has facilitated professional development among our staff, equipping them with specialized skills pertinent to the future of manufacturing. 

“The adoption of hydrogen kilns represents a pivotal moment in our company’s history, reflecting a blend of economic prosperity and environmental credentials.” 

Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator Gary Woollam.

Therser UK was formed in 2009 and offers bespoke solutions to customers in a range of industries including ceramics, aerospace and the metals industry. 

The company has its head office and assembly hall in Burslem and moved its fabrication and welding facility to Meir Park last year. Its customers come from all over the world. 

  • Earlier this month, Daily Focus reported that Ceramics UK has launched a blueprint for decarbonisation showing how the industry can progress to Net Zero. Read that story here.  

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