Grenville Engineering machine investment
Pictured with the new £250,000 machine, from left to right, are Operations Director Dali Dong, Sales Director Stuart Rawlinson and Director Grant Barratt.

Grenville Engineering’s £250,000 investment in cutting machine set to carve out new career opportunities 

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Sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting company Grenville Engineering has made a £250,000 investment in cutting edge equipment, which could lead to the creation of new jobs. 

The company, based in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, has bought the latest RVD SmartFibre CNC tube laser cutting machine from Bison Machinery

The investment will improve the services provided to the current customers and open doors to new markets and applications – paving the way for employment opportunities. 

It also coincides with Grenville’s 40th anniversary year – the company was established in 1984 and now has customers around the UK in engineering, the petrochemical sector, manufacturing and defence and aerospace. 

Last summer, Daily Focus reported that Grenville had notched up a record-breaking million-pound sales month in June 2023. Sales Director Stuart Rawlinson said it was a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the whole team. 

The £250,000 TF 8020.3000 model cutting machine is set to transform the company’s operational dynamics and market outreach. 

It enables metals such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, and Copper to be precisely laser-cut, providing Grenville Engineering with unparalleled flexibility in manufacturing. 

Stuart Rawlinson added: “Operationally, it means greater precision, more versatility, shorter lead times, greater cost-efficiencies, and more eco-friendly processes – an exciting development for our valued customer base and partners.” 

The company says it anticipates enhanced efficiency, expanded capabilities, maximised productivity, faster lead times, and lower costs as key outcomes of the strategic investment. 

And, as the newly acquired machine ramps up to full operational capacity, Grenville Engineering foresees the creation of fresh employment opportunities.  

This, the company says, could include internal career development for current team members or the prospect of welcoming new talent to join the growing Grenville team.  

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