Spillard/Cementation Skanska camera deal
Human form recognition technology created by Four Ashes-based Spillard Safety Systems is being used by piling and foundation specialist Cementation Skanska.

Spillard’s AI-backed cameras helping to boost site safety in the construction industry 

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A Four Ashes firm has supplied its innovative camera technology to a piling and foundation specialist to reduce the risk of moving plant on site – viewed as the biggest cause of potential fatalities in construction. 

Spillard Safety Systems has fitted its AI-backed human form recognition cameras to Cementation Skanska’s fleet of large diameter piling rigs and cranes. 

The Human Detection System (HDS) utilises a series of cameras fitted to the base of the plant that recognises people or objects if they get too close or encroach in a red exclusion zone – automatically suspending tracking and slewing of the machine to avoid contact and sounding an audible alarm. 

A screen fitted in the cab provides the operator with a 360⁰ view so they can take evasive action if they spot a risk in their area of operation. 

The system, which is complemented by a digital display on the outside of the cab, enables the operator to provide a green ‘thumbs up’ and sound an audible recorded message that lets someone who wishes to approach or pass close by that it is safe to do so.   

The kit is operational on five Cementation Skanska rigs working on two major construction sites – the A428 highways improvement scheme near Milton Keynes and a building project in Sheffield – and replaces a previous Cementation-developed camera system. 

Spillard human detection camera in use
One of the cameras in use in a cab.

Pete Spillard, Managing Director of Spillard Safety Systems, said: “We are continually innovating our solutions to deliver the safest and most efficient system possible, and this is exactly what Cementation Skanska are getting with our Human Detection System. 

“The technology, which works in tandem with Spillard Live, has been developed following extensive consultation and testing with the construction industry and ensures operators and their colleagues are kept safe on site, without getting in the way of them doing their jobs. A win-win for our clients.” 

Andy Entwistle, Managing Director at Cementation Skanska, said: “The significant risk posed by physical contact between people and plant is well recognised in the UK construction industry. 

“We are determined to do all that we can to reduce and eliminate risks from our sites. Through our collaboration with Spillard Safety Systems, we have been able to develop an approach to configuring and installing these 360⁰ cameras that will support safer ways of working.   

“We want to ensure that everyone goes home safely every day. These cameras, combined with our open, inclusive, and collaborative working culture, will help to ensure that happens.” 

  • Daily Focus has previously reported on a transport operator becoming the first in the UK to install the HDS. Read more here.  

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